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Women in Business @ Plexal

Plexal hosts a Women in Business meetup on the first Wednesday of every month.

This is a chance for our members to swap stories, share advice and discuss the topics that matter to us. We’re also opening our meetup for the time being, so join in!

Register on Eventbrite to join us online.

If you’ve got any questions or speaker suggestions or want to let us know about your accessibility requirements, email us on community@plexal.com


Our upcoming dates and topics/speakers are:

7 April: Franziska Kirschner, research lead at Tractable

Franziska has a PHD in Physics and is a research lead at Tractable: a startup that uses AI to assess the damage and estimate the repair costs when there’s been an accident or a disaster.

When Franziska started working at Tractable she says her knowledge of machine learning came entirely from YouTube videos and she felt out of her depth initially. We’ll speak to her about having the confidence to go for your dream job or project and what it’s like to be a woman working in AI.

5 May: Sophie Biggerstaff, retail consultant and business mentor

After 11 years of working in the retail industry, Sophie left the corporate world behind to form BYRCOLLECTIVE,  a retail consultancy to help SMEs and freelancers capitalise on opportunities and maximise their profit.

Sophie will tell us what it’s like starting a business during a pandemic and offer her top tips for navigating a startup through lockdown and uncertain economic times.

2 June: Toni Kent, standup comedian and writer

After a decade working for Microsoft, Toni took the decision to become a freelancer. She’s now a  speaker, compere, author and standup comedian and is passionate about encouraging people to face their fears in business and confront the issue of social mobility head-on.

In this month’s session, we’ll chat to Toni about why she left the corporate world, the challenges she’s faced throughout her career and her passion for stepping outside the comfort zone.


Date / Time:
April 7 @
1:00 pm - 1:45 pm
Online event