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Founders @ Plexal

We host meetups for the leaders, founders and C-suite members of our community on the third Tuesday of each month at 12pm. This is your chance to share advice, support each other and hear from some fantastic guest speakers.

And, because we know this is a particularly difficult time for startups, we’re opening up our meetups for the time being so do join in.

Register on Eventbrite for your Zoom link and if you’ve got any questions or have any accessibility requests, email us on community@plexal.com

20 April: managing your board of investors

Our hosts for April’s meetup are Brandon Hucq, Plexal’s very own chief financial officer, and Andrew Roughan, our managing director.

If your startup has a board of investors, retaining their trust is crucial – especially through uncertainty.

What is a board’s purpose and how can you leverage them?

What are the musts for building trust?

What happens when things aren’t going to plan: what do you say, and when?

And how can you get them excited about and invested in your vision and long-term roadmap?

Join us to find out!

What to expect at our events

These 30-minute events are hosted on Zoom. The format is meeting style and you can join with your camera on or off – it’s totally up to you. You’ll get a chance to ask questions throughout the session using the chat function.

If you have a question about any of these events or if you have any accessibility requirements, get in touch at: community@plexal.com



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