Plexal: home to the London Office
for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement

What is LORCA?

The London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement will focus on supporting later-stage innovators, helping them scale, make the right connections and meet the needs of industry.


Who’s involved in creating and developing LORCA?


The centre is run by and based at Plexal with support from specialist partners Deloitte and CSIT.


Why is LORCA being established?


Cybersecurity is a critical underpinning of a healthy digital economy and a huge economic opportunity for UK innovators to seize. And the UK government’s National Cyber Security Strategy includes a commitment to deliver two innovation centres to drive the development of cutting-edge cyber products and dynamic new cyber companies.


When will the centre be open for business?


26 June 2018 marked the official launch of LORCA and the start of our first six-month programme.


Cybersecurity professionals


We’re keen to hear from professionals across the cyber security industry, so sign up to our newsletter and get in touch to find out more about what we’re working on and gain early access to our events and cohort information.


Get involved

Cyber innovators


There are lots of ways to be involved, whether you’re  a startup, scaleup or large organisation. We’re running six-month cohort programmes for businesses that are able to solve specific, real-world cyber challenges. Physical and virtual membership options are available for companies that would like to be part of the centre, but independent from a structured cohort programme.

Investors and funders


Investors looking for high-calibre, high-potential cyber businesses can engage with LORCA through the Finance Forum. The forum is open to angel investors, VCs, crowdfunders and others looking for cyber talent to fund.

Cyber academics, innovation centres, startup clusters and research institutes


Collaborating and partnering with the research, academic and cyber innovation community both in the UK and abroad is at the core of LORCA’s remit.


If you’d like to join our cyber community, read more about our challenges for cohort three below before applying through our online portal.

Cohort three application now open

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