Community spirit: join Plexal’s members’ night

Community spirit: join Plexal’s members’ night

Last weekend, I strapped my helmet on, covered myself with sunblock (with only partial success, as it turned out) and cycled over 330 kilometres from Paris to London along with Plexal’s CFO Brandon Hucq and dozens of fellow Tech Bikers. It was a tough ride in the scorching heat, but the sense of camaraderie and team spirit is what kept us going and made the afterparty at Plexal such a great high to end on. Though most of us had never met before (and had very different levels of cycling ability) what united us was a love of riding and a desire to raise money for Room to Read, the event’s official charity. For three days, we were a community.

Tech Bikers

You see this in sport a lot, whether it was 2012’s Olympic Games or Tuesday’s World Cup match when England finally walked away from a penalty shootout with tears of joy rather than heartbreak. Whether you watched the game from a pub, town square or office, the sense that everyone was in it together taps into something that’s hardwired into our brains: a need to feel part of a something bigger.

At Plexal, creating a community is core to our mission, but we don’t want that community to be closed off, self-serving or inward-looking as so many tech clusters are accused of being. And that’s why we’re excited to be opening up our fortnightly members’ networking night to anyone who’s interested in joining in.

It’s very informal and casual: starting from 6pm every other Tuesday everyone gathers around (usually in our indoor park) to catch up about the week over some drinks and pizza. Many of our members also say a few words about what they’re working on so it’s a great insight into startup life.

Our members are operating in everything from cybersecurity, fintech and AI to grassroots engagement with youth through sport, and it’s this diversity that makes things so interesting. We even have a sci-fi writer in residence! So if you’re interested in meeting them we would love to see you at our next members’ night.

This community is open to all.