Bühler Digital Disruption Day Case Study

Bühler Digital Technologies, a newly formed Business Area within the Bühler AG group,
has an ambition to support its customers with an expanded set of digital services,
building on the success of its leading optical sorting products.

Leveraging new innovation methods and collaborating with a range of innovators will be key to this success.

The Bühler Digital Technologies leadership team engaged Plexal in delivering a digital
discovery day. The day gave Bühler the opportunity to:

  • explore emerging trends and their impact
  • reflect on the strengths and development opportunities for the delivery of innovation
    within the organisation
  • get hands-on with innovation techniques such as design thinking and lean startup
  • put these into practice through a number of scenario-based exercises

The leadership team developed a deeper understanding of innovation methods and identified
a set of practical steps to put into practice and are looking to repeat the session with another
community within the business.

“A very well organised, thought-provoking and inspiring day. It helped us appreciate some
of the challenges and opportunities we have within the digital innovation environment and
to explore some of the techniques to address them”

Nick Wilkins, Director, Customer Care, Bühler Digital Technologies