Test your ideas in our 5G sandbox

There are huge possibilities created by 5G connectivity

To help you discover them, we’re creating a 5G testbed in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

From enabling connected electric vehicles to real-time monitoring of infrastructures, 5G could unlock new revenue streams and transform entire industries.

The opportunities extend far beyond faster consumer internet: 5G could create a new platform on which almost everything you can think of becomes digitised, connected and automated at unprecedented speeds and latency.

But we’re not there yet. By bringing organisations across sectors together, we’ll be able to develop potential use cases for 5G beyond consumer applications.

At Plexal, we are creating 5G testbed where we’re inviting you to co-create new use cases with us. Get in touch if you’re interested in being one of the first companies to take part in our 5G testbed, or if you’d like to sponsor the programme.