3 things you probably didn’t know about Plexal’s Makers’ Yard

3 things you probably didn’t know about Plexal’s Makers’ Yard

Our Makers’ Yard is a dedicated workshop for our members to test, create, play and prototype their bright ideas.

Here are some of the things that have gone on here…

1. It’s stocked with some of the most advanced 3D printers and scanners around (plus a chocolate 3D printing machine, just because). 

From bone implants to engagement rings, 3D printing is shaking up the way we make things and allowing startups to test their build prototypes more flexibly.

With that i mind, we asked iMakr to supply us with some seriously advanced, industrial-grade 3D printers and scanners like the Raise3D N2, Delta WASP 3MT and Delta WASP 4070. We’re also pretty excited about our Choc Edge printer, which can turn chocolate into 3D pieces of tasty, techy art.

Our members can use all this equipment, and iMakr also holds 3D printing 101 workshops for non-members. The next two events are on 9 and 23 August. Check out our events page to sign up and snag your place.

2. Made in east London, used by customers across the world.

BuffaloGrid Hub

Makers’ Yard is where our member BuffaloGrid develops its award-winning Hubs, which help people in the most remote parts of the world stay connected to the internet. The solar powered Hubs allow people to charge their phones, even when they live and work in an off-the-grid zone where access to electricity is an issue.

3. It’s hosted rehearsals for ballet dancers and robots (yes, really).

Slave/Master at the V&A

The space has even acted as a studio for Slave/Master: an art installation aimed at challenging people’s assumptions about machines that went on to be performed at the V&A.

In the weeks leading up to the premiere, dancers and cobots (collaborative robots) practiced together in Makers’ Yard before giving our members an exclusive preview.