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Plexal and Glimpse Studio team up to launch new VR and AR hub

Glimpse Studio launches VR and AR studio

When it comes to VR, AR and mixed reality experiences, it’s still early days yet.

Retailers like Ikea are using AR to offer shoppers value-added experiences while tech giants like Sony, Alphabet and Facebook have developed VR headsets that startups and developers are rushing to create new apps for. But while there have been some very creative uses of the technology already and VR startup Improbable successfully raised $502m in a Series B round in May this year, it’s apparent that we’ve only just scratched the surface of what’s possible.  

And that’s what excites Glimpse Studio, the VR and AR specialists. Founded by Michael Willmott and Dan Morgan, Glimpse Studio is aiming to find creative new VR or AR applications, develop an ecosystem that brings people across sectors together and help London become one of the leading hubs in Europe. Given the creative talent that’s already in the capital, the duo believes London is already in a strong position and that now’s the time to establish a dedicated physical space that’s tailored to the needs of people exploring the technology.

Plexal is excited to announce that it’s partnered with Glimpse Studio to launch a dedicated space for up to 15 people who are working in the areas of VR, AR and mixed reality. If you’ve got an early-stage idea you’d like to explore or a technology you need to test, Glimpse Studio would like to hear from you. 

Commenting on the partnership, Glimpse Studio co-founder Michael Willmott said: "We’re excited by the potential of VR and AR but we can’t do this alone. We want to help create an ecosystem that brings people from a range of industries together to explore and experiment – this isn’t just for the techies. Even a year ago you didn’t need a space like this but things have really moved on. Now is the time to do it and we think the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, with its ambitions of being a centre for business, is the place to do it."

Watch this space as we publish updates from our new studio and speak to the movers and shakers of the VR, AR and mixed-reality worlds.  

To learn more about Glimpse Studio or to book your tour, email Michael and Dan on:

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