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iMakr brings its 3D printers and scanners to Plexal

iMakr 3D printers

From organs and personalised braces to Alexander McQueen umbrellas and prototypes for startups still testing their ideas, 3D printing’s is already changing the way we make and experiment. So with that in mind, we're very excited to announce that we've partnered with 3D printing company iMakr to bring a suite of advanced printers and scanners to our Makers’ Yard: a space dedicated to testing, prototyping and creating. 

From March onwards, iMakr will be helping Plexal’s startup members, corporate clients and the wider Hackney Wick community boost their digital skills and get to grips with 3D printing technology through hands-on workshops and training sessions. 

Workshop sessions open to Plexal members and anyone with an interest in learning more will be announced on our website soon, so watch this space for more details. 

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